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Your iPhone is about to get harder to steal with iOS 17.3

by Warren

Despite the excellent security features of iPhones, there’s still no stopping to stealing iPhones and getting them sold to other markets with Activation Lock disabled, but things are going to get near impossible for thieves when majority of iPhones get updated to iOS 17.3 in the future, as Apple has introduced a Stolen Device Protection feature that requires biometric authentication to perform certain actions when enabled.

This feature is discovered when iOS 17.3 Beta was seeded to developers, which can be enabled in the Face ID & Passcode section in the Settings app. According to Apple, this adds on a layer of security when you need to access saved passwords, turn off Find My, erasing your iPhone, and change sensitive settings like Apple ID password outside of familiar locations preset by the user.

Once out of these locations, the user will have no option to fallback for a passcode or password when performing these actions, and if biometric authentication fails, there will be a one-hour delay before you can perform these actions again.

Will you enable this feature when iOS 17.2 gets released?

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