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You can transfer your WhatsApp chats to more Samsung devices from your iPhone

by Victor Ng
WhatsApp Import Chat

We recently wrote about WhatsApp’s new feature that lets iOS users transfer their chat history over to selected Samsung phones – the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3; today, both brands have announced that this list of phones will now expand tenfold. 

According to a blog post by WhatsApp, the phones still must be of Samsung’s make, but now any device that runs on Android 10 will be able to utilize the feature. 

Whatsapp silhouetteLike we previously reported, the process of transferring your chat history requires a Type-C to Lightning cable, or an adapter – which you’ll need to tether both the iPhone and Samsung phones together. There is no way to do this wirelessly. 

In terms of the kind of software you need, your Samsung device needs the SmartSwitch (v3.7.22.1) installed, WhatsApp v on, and v2.21.160.17 on the iPhone. Both devices need be using the same phone number, of course – and your Samsung smartphone needs be factory reset. 

To get started, connect the aforementioned cable to both phones, follow the prompts on the Samsung SmartSwitch app, and scan the QR code on the Samsung using your iPhone. Hit the start button and the transferring process will begin. Continue the setup on your Samsung phone, log in using your phone number, and tap Import when prompted, and you’re done! 

WhatsApp has confirmed in the same blog post that they are working on making this feature available on more smartphones too, which may also include switching over from Android to iOS instead. 

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