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This mouthguard-like toothbrush can clean your teeth in just 10 seconds

by Yvonne Ng

How much time should one spend on brushing teeth? If someone said 10 seconds a few years back, we might have shuddered at the thought of their oral hygiene, but now it’s possible — with the Y-Brush designed by French company FasTeesH. 

Unless you’re Barry Allen, it is impossible to finish brushing your teeth properly in 10 seconds but that’s not the case with the Y-Brush. The Y-Brush is designed like a sports mouthguard combined with nylon bristles so you can just put it in your mouth and start brushing every part of your teeth at once. Due to its one-sided design, you’ll have to switch between the top and the bottom of your mouth, meaning you’ll spend 5 seconds cleaning each side. With a motor that is hidden inside its handle, the brush vibrates when switched on to start cleaning off the dirt on your teeth.

Sounds too good to be true, but here’s the catch — its $125 price tag. Even the Colgate and Oral-B’s smart toothbrushes aren’t as expensive. A normal toothbrush is cheaper by leaps and bounds, so the Y-Brush is really just for those who have extra cash to splurge.

But if you are someone who couldn’t keep their hands of innovative gadgets and would like to spend only 10 seconds to brush your teeth, then you can already order the Y-Brush online. Be patient though, as it’ll only start shipping in March.

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