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WhatsApp testing new feature to pause/resume voice recordings

by Yvonne Ng
WhatsApp, voice recordings

WhatsApp have been testing several features related to voice recording; its newest experiment is a feature that pauses/resumes your voice recordings.

This feature allows WhatsApp user to pause in the middle of their voice recordings; the current options are to either stop and send the recording or to start over.

Will this WhatsApp feature be useful?

If you’re sending voice notes and you’re interrupted by a call, the new feature will save you the hassle of re-recording after your call. 

Or if you’re trying to memorise a recipe on your phone’s browser and you needed to refer back, this pause function will also be useful.

WABetaInfo revealed that the new feature will be available for beta testers on both iOS and Android device, but the beta versions aren’t available yet.

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