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vivo X100 Pro: Better close up shots with ZEISS APO Telephoto Floating Camera

by Warren

Smartphone cameras have thrived so much over the years, as we have seen so many different approaches by others to offer the best camera system to consumers and prosumers, but once again, the recently launched vivo X100 series in Malaysia is set to redefine the smartphone photography experience, especially with the all-new ZEISS APO Telephoto Floating Camera.

Let’s find out what makes the vivo X100 Pro so compelling this time.

For starters, the vivo X100 series feature an all-new elegant premium build with a signature Sun Halo design on the back, along with a huge camera ring dominating the upper part that makes it look like a professional camera when held on hand.

The vivo X100 Pro is available in Startrail Blue and Asteroid Black colors, while the vivo X100 comes is only available in Startrail Blue color.

Powering the vivo X100 Pro is two class-leading chipsets, the Mediatek Dimensity 9300 and vivo V3 chips, paired to 16GB RAM and 512GB of storage, these two chipsets are crucial to the phone’s user experience but more importantly, the latter is dedicated to handle the image processing of the cameras and introduces new capabilities all thanks to a more efficient 6nm process.

For instance, the vivo V3 chip complements the Mediatek Dimensity 9300 chipset by enhancing visuals in games, capable of interpolating gameplay frame rates up to 120fps, it ensures buttery smooth frame rates in games that can’t take advantage of the LTPO panel’s refresh rate by intelligently compensating choppy frames, this reduces user fatigue in games when playing for long hours.

The vivo V3 chip also enables 4K Cinematic Portrait Video with various templates and real-time scene optimization, users can also perform post edits on the vivo X100 Pro effortlessly, this cannot be achieved on many flagship phones and can bring out the best of your subject when shooting videos with the phone’s main camera.

Despite that, no camera experience is great without the right camera system and vivo understands that, which is why the vivo X100 Pro has been fitted with three 50-megapixel cameras at the back with an upgraded ZEISS T* glass coating that further prevents glare and enhances clarity up to 20% compared to the vivo X90 Pro.

The main camera sensor continues to be a ZEISS-certified 1-inch Sony IMX989 camera and is complemented by a new ZEISS APO Telephoto camera, which is a new and exclusive hardware developed between ZEISS and vivo, and a super wide-angle camera, and between the three of them, the ZEISS APO Telephoto camera stands out the most as it brings a new perspective to portrait and telephotography.

Shot on vivo X100 Pro ZEISS APO Telephoto Floating Camera

While smartphone telephoto cameras that do up to 100mm of focal length aren’t new, the vivo X100 Pro’s ZEISS APO telephoto camera features a class leading f/2.5 aperture and uses an Apochromatic lens, which prevents chromatic aberration that causes green or purple edges around objects and improves image quality, it has accurate color correction and better image clarity compared to telephoto cameras on other phones.

The ZEISS APO telephoto camera also features a ‘Floating Elements’ Design that optimizes the alignment and distance between each lens or lens group, forming a segmented periscope structure that further improves focusing performance, this ensures that a distant shot stays vivid and realistic.

vivo X100 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro Max Telephoto Camera Samples Comparison

As you can see in this set of images, the vivo X100 Pro ZEISS APO Telephoto camera beats the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s telephoto camera in terms of details and color reproduction, this is all thanks to the upgraded ZEISS T* glass coating and the assistance of the V3 chip in enhancing the details of subjects.

ZEISS Multifocal portrait allows you to achieve different photography effects and meet various shooting needs.

vivo X100 series offer 5 different focal lengths, along with mm precision for portrait photography. Each focal length ensure high quality details, suitable for both close up shooting and long distance photography. Apart from rich details, coupled with an incredibly natural image blur and ZEISS exclusive portrait style, anyone can capture high value portraits.

Photo Credit: Yih Chang

Furthermore, shooting portraits and landscape photos against the sunlight is now effortless with the vivo X100 Pro, all thanks to the combination of the ZEISS T* coating, the ZEISS APO telephoto lens and the newly upgraded vivo origin imaging engine, subjects remain clear and realistic while the background will not be over or underexposed by strong sunlight.

Lastly, the vivo X100 Pro allows photographers and content creators stay longer in the field with a massive BlueVolt 5400mAh battery, which even when you only have 10% of battery left, it can still serve up to an hour of usage.

The vivo X100 Pro is the first to use BlueVolt batteries for its high-density design and reliability, while featuring a dual-cell design that allows for more efficient and faster charging with 100W vivo Flash Charging, it allows the vivo X100 Pro to stay slim at an 8.9mm body profile, this is the very first flagship phone to feature such battery technology so that users can use the phone without worrying to carry a heavy phone despite having a huge battery size.

Can’t wait to take smartphone photography to the next level?

The vivo X100 series is now available for preorder at vivo E-Store, Lazada, Shopee, TikTok Shop and all vivo Stores nationwide, the vivo X100 retails for RM3,499 and the vivo X100 Pro retails for RM4,599.

On top of exclusive free gifts, customers purchasing the vivo X100 series from vivo concept stores can get a RM500 instant cash rebate when trading in an old smartphone for the vivo X100 series on top of the phone’s trade in value, and stretch your cash with 0% interest installment when you purchase the vivo X100 series.

Get the vivo X100 series here.

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