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VAIO is announcing something new at COMPUTEX

by Warren

Missed the iconic looking VAIO laptops once owned by Sony? Look forward to June 4th at COMPUTEX, as Nextsgo, the company that produced the colorful lifestyle AVITA Liber laptops, will be showcasing new VAIO laptops at the showfloor, this could actually mean a few things. For one, VAIO laptops are ready to be sold out of the Japanese market, and we can actually expect some good looking laptops from the company.The tagline of the event is merely called “VAIO is BACK”, which at the same time Nextsgo will be announcing some new laptops under its brand as well. The VAIO laptop division was sold to Japan Industrial Partners in 2014, which Sony still maintains a minimal stake in the company despite shutting down its personal computer business, and VAIO hasn’t been selling its laptops out of its homeland since then. In the media invite, Nextsgo has also mentioned that the company is joining hands with VAIO Corporation to bring back the iconic notebooks, which could suggest that Nextsgo could have been the former’s manufacturing partner.

We’ll be heading over to COMPUTEX next month, so stay tuned while we get to learn more of what computing products that VAIO will be producing.

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