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Under the Radar: Important Apps You’ll Need for 2020

by Yvonne Ng

Well, it’s the last day of the year. Instead of introducing gadgets that you may not know about, this month’s Under the Radar is going to help you prepare yourself for the next year or even the next decade. Technology is always advancing and changing our lifestyles, which is why we should also go with the flow and adapt accordingly. If you suffer from FOMO, then you should definitely have these apps on your phone to stay relevant.

E-wallet apps

We’re moving towards a cashless society, so it’s time you download some e-wallet apps in your phone — or at least one if you can’t be bothered. The government is also encouraging Malaysians to go cashless with its e-Tunai Rakyat initiative that allows Malaysians to get RM30 for free in their e-wallets (Touch ’n Go eWallet, Grab and Boost) when they sign up for these apps. 

E-wallet apps are so convenient these days; you can use them to pay for food, grocery, bills, parking and more. You can even transfer money to your friends and family via these apps, so there’s no need to dig for cash and coins in your purse — just use the apps.

E-hailing apps

It’s not cheap to buy a car, and there is a limit to the number of places the Malaysian public transport can take you to. Sometimes, it’s better just to get someone to drive you there instead of worrying about parking, distance, and traffic. E-hailing apps like Grab and MyCar can come in handy at these times; you just have to enter your pick-up point and destination, select your payment method, and you’ll have someone coming to pick you up and drop you off at where you need to be.

You should also download these apps on your phone in case of an emergency. You could be in an unfortunate situation where your car breaks down, or you’re injured and could not drive. These are the times where an e-hailing app can solve your problem, so get one just in case.

Food delivery apps

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Just because we’re approaching a new year doesn’t mean we’ll stop getting lazy. There are just days where you’re hungry but you’re reluctant to drive out just to get food or get up just to cook food. Sometimes, you’re just left with an empty refrigerator. Food delivery apps like FoodPanda, GrabFood, and dahmakan will be exactly what you need. There’s no need to get out of the house; just tap tap tap and wait for your order to arrive.

These apps are also useful when it comes to parties or family gatherings. Your grandma may be great at cooking, but are you really going to tire her out by making her cook dinner for the entire family? Just order from the food delivery apps and save your grandma the trouble — trust me, you’ll end up as her favorite grandchild.

E-commerce apps

Image credit: Cloudways

The phrase “shop till you drop” means to buy things until you’re so physically tired that you won’t be able to walk anymore. Lucky for us, e-commerce apps are the cure to that. You can’t “drop” if you’re chilling on the bed, scrolling through the things you want to buy on your phone. E-commerce apps like Lazada and Shopee have been popular in recent years and they’re only gaining more attraction. Clothes, groceries, furniture, toys, food — you name it, they have it.

Just one thing though, you may end up spending more since your legs won’t hinder your shopping spree. Also, your phone might just drop on your face when you’re careless — yes, that has happened to me countless times.

Social media apps

C’mon, I doubt you have zero social media apps right now. Social media platforms have become so essential, so influential in our lives that even our parents are on Facebook and Instagram. Now, I’m not saying that it’s a necessity in life, but it’s always better to have one. Not just because it’s what everyone is doing, but also because it’s how you stay updated with what’s happening around you. It’s how you keep tabs of the ones around you (in a non-creepy way) and how you can read the countless amount of news — more than the traditional media can offer.

More importantly, it’s how you can connect with your friends and family despite the distance. It’s the way we stay close to each other by replying to posts shared on Facebook or Stories on Instagram; it’s the way we tag each other on certain posts that reminds us of one another. 

Sure, you can limit your usage of social media apps if you’re worried about spending too much time on your phone, but I’m just saying, it’s something you should have to keep you connected to the current society.

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