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Under the Radar: Accessories for Apple-centric users

by Yvonne Ng

This one’s for the Apple fans out there who can’t get enough of Apple products or have already surrounded themselves with more Apple devices than an average user. In today’s Under the Radar, we’ll be featuring accessories that will either make your life with Apple devices more convenient or more functional.

1. Libra

Image credit: Kickstarter

No, we’re not talking about Facebook’s cryptocurrency, nor are we talking about your zodiac sign. Libra is a keyboard with a built-in trackpad that connects via Bluetooth. It offers a MacBook-like experience, especially since iPadOS now offers mouse support.

Libra also comes with a row of function keys — something I wished was in the Smart Folio Keyboard by Apple — that allows brightness and volume adjustment, inching it closer to being MacBook-like. It also comes with RGB backlit keys and with a 4,000mAh built-in battery, you can use the USB-C port to charge your iPad/iPhone if they ever run out of juice.

Libra supports the four sizes of the iPad Pro — 9.7”, 10.5”, 11” and 12.9”. You can start pledging for this project from $89 and it’s estimated to deliver in January 2020.

2. Sketchboard Pro

Image credit: Braintreehouse

We know many artists love using the iPad for drawings, sketches and illustrations, and the Sketchboard Pro makes it easier for artists to expand their creativity with the iPad. It can either be placed flat on a drawing table or propped up at a 20-degree incline against a desk for more comfort.

The Sketchboard Pro is described as a “cradle”, where you can attach your iPad to its center so you get a smooth and flat surface that lets you move your hands around without disruptions. In addition, there are magnetic plates embedded in the product so your iPad Pro won’t fall off even when you’re moving around.

Image credit: Braintreehouse

The company, Braintreehouse, is also adding a third fold-out leg for those who wish to use it in portrait orientation, and a charging port so your iPad can be charged while you’re using the Sketchboard Pro. This accessory supports all iPads with Apple Pencil support except for the iPad mini.

The Sketchboard Pro is available from $50 onwards and will start shipping in March 2020.

3. EarBuddyz 2.0

Image credit: KeyBudz

AirPods are the inspiration for current wireless earbuds, but there might be some who’d agree that despite its good quality, AirPods may not be the best out there when it comes to gym sessions or jogging at the park. For those who found it hard to keep the AirPods or even EarPods in their ears while they’re running, EarBuddyz 2.0 is one accessory you won’t want to miss.

Using premium silicone material, EarBuddyz keep your AirPods and EarPods comfortably fitted into your ears. In addition, the accessory is reported to have improved noise isolation so unwanted environmental noise can be reduced.

The Earbuddyz 2.0 comes in Black, White, Pink and Blue and can be purchased on Amazon for $9.95.

4. Power1

Image credit: Power1

One thing about AirPods is that you’ll need to bring the case along if you’re worried that your earbuds might run out of battery. In comes Power1 — a battery case that charges both your iPhone and your AirPods.

The Power1 is an iPhone case with 3,000mAh battery that also has “pocket” for you to keep your AirPods. It has two modes; one to charge your AirPods and one to charge both your AirPods and iPhone simultaneously.

Power1 is available from $94 onwards and will start shipping from March 2020. Unfortunately, it is only available for the iPhone X, XS, XR and XS Max.

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