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Top 5 Samsung Galaxy AI features to boost your productivity

by Warren

The debut of Galaxy AI on the Galaxy S24 series has generated quite the hype in the mobile industry, as it allows users to do more on a phone that wasn’t once possible, and this means you can get more productive with any of the Galaxy S24 series, which we are sure is going to be everyone’s new year resolution, and here are Top 5 Galaxy AI features on the Galaxy S24 series that will boost your productivity.

Chat Translate: The Language Party Trick

Ever wished you could speak 17 languages? Well, the Galaxy S24 says, “No problemo!” (or should we say “Pas de problème!”?).

The ‘Chat Translate’ feature in the Samsung Keyboard is like having a mini United Nations translator in your chats, it works with popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram, the translation appears within the chat box which saves you convenience from switching between translation apps.

Want to reply in that person’s native language? Simply type your own language and it will be translated instantly in the text box of your reply, how cool is that!

Writing Styles: Your Pocket Stylist

Stuck with a boring text? Zap it with style! The ‘Writing Styles’ feature in the Samsung Keyboard is like having a fairy godmother for your messages.

Want to sound formal? Poof! Need a bit of fun in your text? Abracadabra! This feature transforms your scribbles and point form texts into perfectly styled messages, making sure you’re always the coolest texter in town.

Best of all, it works on most apps with text input such as Gmail, Outlook and Microsoft Word.

Spelling and Grammar Check: The Oops-Proof Shield

Say goodbye to embarrassing typos and grammar gaffes!

The Galaxy S24’s ‘Spelling and Grammar Check’ on the Samsung Keyboard is like having a tiny grammar ninja lurking in your keyboard, ready to pounce on mistakes before they can make you blush.

It’s your personal shield against the oopsies of digital communication.

Summarize a Website Article: The Speedy Info Chef

Reading long articles?

Ain’t nobody got time for that! Enter the ‘Summarize’ feature in the Samsung Internet browser, your speedy chef slicing and dicing lengthy articles into bite-sized summaries.

Found in the magic three-star button, this feature serves up the gist of any article, and with support for up to 17 languages on the menu, it’s like having a universal recipe for quick knowledge!

Call Translate and Interpreter: The Babble Breaker

Traveling to a land where you don’t speak the lingo?

Fear not! Call Translate and Interpreter is your babel fish, turning tricky conversations into smooth chats. Whether you’re booking a table in Paris or asking directions in Tokyo, this feature is like a linguistic superhero, saving the day without even needing Wi-Fi!

Galaxy S24 series now available in Malaysia

The Galaxy AI powered Galaxy S24 series can now be purchased from Samsung Online Store, Shopee, Lazada and authorized dealers nationwide, make sure you go check them out and have a hands on with the Galaxy AI features we mentioned above, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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