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There will not be a HTC Android smartwatch

by Reuben

The long time rumored HTC Android smartwatch has risen from the dead yet again just recently, after images emerged on Chinese micro blogging site Weibo. The wearable in the images sported the same design as the ones from more than two years ago. The rumored smartwatch, which is said to be code named Halfbleak seemed like a hopeful one, especially for diehard HTC fans, till the company indirectly dismissed the claims.

According to an interview with Chang Chialin, HTC’s President of Smartphones and Connected Device with Tbreak Media, there isn’t going to be an Android smartwatch from HTC. Representing the Taiwanese OEM, Chang stated that he doesn’t think that anyone “nailed it” with smartwatches, further claiming that even Apple’s watch sales are declining. Hence, the conclusion that HTC won’t be making Android smartwatches for the short term.

By “short term”, this could mean that HTC might have plans to make a smart wearrable some time in the future, but for now, rumors regarding the HTC Halfbleak smartwatch have pretty much been shot down. It looks like we might have to be a little more patient for a smartwatch from this company.

Source: Tbreak Media

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