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The Galaxy Z Fold5 could come with a less noticeable crease

by Warren
Z Fold4

Although Samsung had made significant improvements to the Z Fold4’s display hinge and made it lighter than the previous model, the display crease is still largely visible as compared to its competition, however it could possibly change with the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold5.

As reported by Korean site Naver, Samsung could adopt a “droplet”-style hinge that allows the display to form a teardrop shape when closed, such design will reduce the pressure applied on the flex display and ultimately make the crease less visible, the Z Fold5 is also expected to have both halves of the display sit flat against each other when the phone is shut, leaving no gaps unlike the Z Fold4.

Samsung may have been the pioneer of foldable phones and manufactures the displays, however competitors such as OPPO and HONOR that obtained the displays from Samsung for their foldables are already ahead when it comes to hinge design and the reduction of display creases, the HONOR Magic Vs that we checked out a few months ago have no gaps when closed and its display crease isn’t as obvious, albeit it lacks the Z Fold4’s IPX8 water resistance.

Samsung is set to announce the Galaxy S23 in a few weeks, though we would most likely not hear anything about the development of its foldable phones, we definitely look forward to what the company has in store for us this year as it is set to have some real competition this year, with devices such as the OPPO N2 Flip already registered in Malaysia’s SIRIM database, this is going to be an interesting year for foldable phones.

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