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The easiest way to own a new iPhone 15

by Warren

Have you been hesitating to upgrade to the iPhone 15 but held back by its expensive retail price and unreasonable telco offers? Fret not, because everyone can finally afford an iPhone 15 when you pair it with the Yes Infinite+ Postpaid plan, it is Malaysia’s most affordable and fastest uncapped 5G postpaid plan with no extra charges for 5G and no fair usage policy.

Yes 5G made big headlines as Apple’s newest telco partner in Malaysia this year, and it celebrated the achievement in a big way by offering super low installment plans from just RM21/month for iPhone 15, and RM51/month for iPhone 15 Pro, while simply only requiring you to sign up to a Yes Infinite+ Postpaid plan for as low as RM58/month over a 24 or 36-month contract period.

Meanwhile, you might think this is just too good to be true and you can ultimately end up with pretty much the same total cost of ownership as other telcos, so let’s find out the savings of owning an iPhone 15 with a Yes Infinite+ Postpaid plan compared to the competition.

iPhone 15 128GB with Yes Infinite+ Postpaid Plan Comparison

As you can see in the comparison table, Yes 5G has the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) over a 24-month and 36-month contract period regardless if you subscribe to the Yes Infinite+ Ultra or Basic postpaid plan, despite not having the lowest priced flagship postpaid plan, its monthly device instalment is significantly lower than the rest, which if you do the math, you are paying as low as RM756 for the iPhone 15 128GB and get up to RM3643 in savings.

In addition, Yes 5G is the only telco that offers true uncapped 4G/5G data quota with no fair usage policy, while the competition confuses customers with 5G only and 4G+5G quota, with some even requesting customers to purchase addons should they require more 5G data quota.

iPhone 15 Pro 128GB with Yes Infinite+ Postpaid Plan Comparison

As the iPhone 15 Pro is a more expensive device, most telcos usually require you to sign up to a more expensive plan, but that’s not the case with Yes 5G, as you can still sign up for the Yes Infinite+ Basic plan for just RM58/month, even though it results in a higher installment amount, the total cost of ownership is still the lowest among the competition regardless of a 24-month or 36-month installment.

Despite the competition asking to pay more for their respective monthly postpaid plans, they still don’t offer uncapped data quota and continue to ask for extra charges should you require more 5G data.

Hidden Costs? Upfront Payment? How Reliable is Yes 5G?

For some telcos, charging an upfront payment for a device is crucial as a security deposit if you are newly subscribed to them.

Yes 5G requires 0 upfront payment and doesn’t incur any hidden costs when you sign up for a new iPhone 15 with any Yes Infinite+ Postpaid plans, all you need to do is to walk into any Yes Experience Stores and dealers and sign up for the plan, or purchase online at www.yes.my/iPhone, choose your desired iPhone 15 model without paying a single cent upfront.

Worried about 5G coverage and performance? You don’t need to.

The Yes 5G network runs on Digital Nasional Berhad’

The Yes 5G network runs on Digital Nasional Berhad’s world class 5G infrastructure like the rest of the telcos in Malaysia, and even better, it is built on top of Yes’ modern and scalable network infrastructure, which enables them to deploy 5G much faster and more efficient than the rest, and the telco has been crowned as the Fastest Mobile Network in Malaysia by ookla, an independent body that measures global network speeds.

Don’t just take our word for it, as you can test drive the Yes 5G network for 30 days FREE here, enjoy uncapped 5G data and speed, find out how it stacks up against other telcos and if you are satisfied, port in your existing number through the MyYes app, no hassle.

5G for All, iPhone 15 for All, that’s the promise that only Yes 5G can deliver. 

Head here to learn more on how you can sign up a Yes Infinite+ Postpaid plan with iPhone 15.

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