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The deets on the new Proton X70

by Yvonne Ng

Following on the updates of the new Proton X70, PROTON has finally released more details about their new SUV car. In their second preview of their first co-developed vehicle by Geely and PROTON, they have announced that the Proton X70 would have a special feature known as Integrated Cockpit Information System (GKUI). GKUI offer new owners multiple use functions via apps as well as the option to stay connected to their car via their mobile phones. 

According to PROTON Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Abdul Rashid Musa, Other than GKUI, the Proton X70 has also focus on three main things to ensure that the car perform at its best. The three focus on the car would be “Safety, performance, and redefined connectivity.”

For safety, the Proton X70 has done its crash test in China which resulted in a high score of 58.2 complying to 2016 C-NCAP. According to Mr. Abdul Rashid Musa, it is said that the Proton X70 body structure is five times stronger than your average Proton car. As for Active safety, the proton X70 utilizes Bosch 9.1 technology, alongside with Electronic stability control (ESC), Anti-braking system (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), Brake assist (BA), and traction control system. Also, the Proton X70 comes with Hill Hold Assist (HHA) which prevents the car from rolling back while going up hill and controls the speed of the car while going downhill.  

The car is equipped with 5 cameras and 19 censors all around the car to support the car with Autonomous Emergency braking, Front collision warning, Blind spot information system, and many more. With the Proton X70, users do not need to check their own tyre pressure and temperature via manually as Proton X70 has a Tyre pressure monitoring system that will inform the user the tyre’s condition. 

For music lovers, the Proton X70 are equipped with 9 power amplifier speakers alongside with one subwoofer. Knowing that drivers are constantly charging their phones, PROTON designed the car with 6 USB ports that allows drivers to charge their phone on the go. While driving, drivers will get to choose from three different drive modes which is Normal, Eco and Sport. User will be able to differentiate what mode they are using by looking at the colour of the monitor ring. In Normal mode, the ring will be in white, Eco is green and Sport is red. 

The Proton X70 will be open for booking on the 17th of October 2018, via their website. Customers who are interested to place a booking for the Proton X70 will be able to book and pay a deposit for their order online, thus making it incredibly convenient for those who do not have the time to go to any PROTON showrooms. “To promote our new channel, we will run a promotion for three days from the date the function goes live, where those who place a booking for the Proton X70 will also receive special gifts,” said Mr. Abdul Rashid Musa. 

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