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Sudio’s Elva wireless neckbuds comes with an unique accessory

by Warren

Sudio has unveiled Elva, a pair of stylish wireless neckbuds that looks just as stylish as other of its collections made for commuting and workouts, its been a while since the company had made a new wireless neckbuds due to the ongoing trend of true wireless earbuds, with their last model being the Sudio Tre.

ElvaThe Sudio Elva comes in color options of black and white, it offers active noise cancellation, IPX5 splash resistance and up to 11 hours of play time. Although it merely supports the SBC codec over Bluetooth 5.0, Sudio is making that up by including a Bluetooth adapter inside the box that allows you to connect to any devices with a 3.5mm audio port, the adapter even supports the two-pin airplane seat headphone jack connector, which makes it pretty convenient if you still get to travel on a plane these days.

Sudio Elva Malaysia Price and Discount Code

Retailing at RM599, Sudio is offering free shipping to Malaysia and offers several freebies such as a green card holder, tote bag and a gift wrapping when you place your order over at their online store. On a side note, you will be able to receive a 15% discount when you enter code ‘KLGADGET’ at checkout, this will ultimately set you back at RM509.15.

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