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Spotify Premium Family: Price increased to RM23.80/month

by Yvonne Ng
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Spotify has officially increased the price for its Premium Family plan starting yesterday, meaning the subscription plan will cost RM23.80/month instead of RM22.40/month.

Existing users gets an extra month with the old price

According to an email sent to Spotify Premium Family users, existing users will only start paying the updated price in March. This allows them to quit the subscription before the new price is implemented on their accounts. If they choose to stay, they’ll have to pay RM23.80/month starting March.

Premium Family still worth it if there are 3 or more users

Spotify states that the increase in price is necessary to enhance user experience and add more content and features. Despite the slightly increase, subscribing to the Premium Family plan when you have three or more family members is still considered affordable as compared to its Premium Individual and Premium Duo plans. Assuming you have six users in total, each of you will only need to pay RM3.96/month.

If you’re a new user, you’ll have to pay RM23.80/month already, but if you’ve never tried any of Spotify’s premium plan, then you’ll get the first month for free before you start paying the monthly fee.

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