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Spotify is revamping how free users use the platform

by Tarvin Gill

Spotify is revamping the free tier of their music streaming platform where the only thing that they said is that it will be made “easier to use” and nothing more.

Currently, the difference between a paid user and a free uses is that the free user will not be able to unlimitedly skip songs, make playlist, download music for offline listening and allow users to hear on-demand songs. The company will be holding a press conference on 24 April where some rumours are saying that they will be releasing a smart speaker and in-car music device or they might announce how the new free system will work. The company hopes that with the new free tier system, it will bring in more users with the hopes of converting them into paid users.

They have also mentioned that they hope to reach over 200 million users by the end of 2018 as they are finally seeing in some profits after becoming a public listed company.

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