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Sony PlayStation 5 patent leaked – shows off gaming PC-like design

by Victor Ng

The current console cycle is coming to an end – we have another year or so before we usher in the next devices from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. One console in particular have been the talk of the town of late amongst gamers – the PlayStation 5, mostly due to the confirmed specs of the machine by Sony themselves.

In a recent report of a supposed leak of the PS5’s patented design drafted by Sony’s technical director Yusuhiro Ootori, who was credited in the PS4’s patents last time around. Based on the draft of the developer’s kit version of the console, we an overall bulky build – with almost a football stadium-like design.

The machine looks to have massive upward-facing vents on its sides, while a sizeable dent in the middle looks to be either more vents or heat sinks. Over on the front of the console looks to be an optical drive along with five USB ports, a power button and possibly a mini display port.

This reaffirms the beefy specs we already know – an AMD Ryzen 8-Core CPU, a Radeon Navi GPU, and an SSD. The machine is said to be able to support up to 8K resolution too. The PS5 has PC-like internals so it makes sense that the console itself looks like a PC too.

Now, this is said to be just a developer’s kit – and as usual, they always looks bulkier than the consumer product, which is more streamlined. For reference, here’s what the PS4 dev kit looks like:

Sony PlayStation 5 patent leaked - shows off gaming PC-like design 36

Image credit: Reddit

So take this news with a punch of salt, because the final product could look vastly different – if anything, this is a sign of how powerful the PS5 could be.

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