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Sony has made a PlayStation Classic, coming this December for RM429

by Warren

Surprise, surprise! It seems that Sony has finally joined in the ‘classic’ game, after Nintendo’s efforts with the NES Classic, and you will be able to purchase the original PlayStation in its classic form factor this December.

The PlayStation Classic is obviously smaller than the original console and doesn’t come with a disc drive, instead Sony has already preloaded 20 classic PS1 games into the console, some of which include Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, R4 Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms.

Like the NES Classic, the PlayStation Classic will comes with a HDMI connector to play with modern TVs, so that you don’t need to mess with those RCA cables like last time. Resolution is limited to 720p, which is acceptable as PS1 games don’t even have that high resolution at that time.

In terms of power, you also don’t need to use a brick like you do on the original PlayStation, it merely requires 5V of power powered from a Micro USB cable, which means you can even use your powerbank to just power up this device.

Sony is including two controllers out of the box, though they are unfortunately not wireless controllers, you do at least still get the nostalgia of plugging into the console like you once did on the original PlayStation. As for saving games, the PlayStation Classic doesn’t seem to have that feature like you do on the original console, but we believe there should be built-in memory for that.

You can start saving up your cash now, as the PlayStation Classic will be available in limited quantities for RM429 in December 3rd 2018.

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