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Signify shows off the Philips Hue and the advancements that it has gone through

by Tarvin Gill

Signify hosted an event today that showed us the Philips Hue smart light bulb and its wireless lighting system that allows users to remotely control their home lighting. It comes with a wide range of controllability and fun features that will cater to everyone.

Some of the features that were shown during the event is the ability to sync the lights to a timer or even reminders on your phone, change the lighting based on moods and there is even a feature that will adjust the lighting to match the lighting and hue of an image from your phone. The lights can also be grouped up together to have a one press control for all the lights or you can split them up and control them individually all from the app. Philips has done a lot of research on the way light affects our body and added those settings into the app as well, there is a lighting mood for when you want to relax, read, concentrate or be energized.

Other than that, there is the Philips Hue Sync that will sync the Philip Hue lightbulbs with games, videos and music that is playing on a computer and is available on both Windows and MacOS.

If you are interested in getting your self these smart lightbulbs you can pick up the starter pack which comes with three white and colour ambience bulbs that will work with any screw-in lamps and a bridge that plugs into your home router. The starter pack retails for RM849 and is available on Lazada, Philips authorised retailers, Apple resellers, Major IT stores and multi-brand gadget concept stores.

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