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Shoot videos like a Pro on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

by Warren
Note20 Ultra

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G is more than just a productivity smartphone as it can also be a great content creation device, this is one of the few flagship smartphones in the market that can record 8K videos and probably the only one that lets you take full control of your video image settings with the Pro Video mode, so let’s dive in and talk about how you can use each of these features in the Pro Video mode to take mobile videography up a notch.

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Note20 UltraThe ISO setting lets you determine the level of light sensitivity of the camera, as the value goes higher your image becomes brighter in low light and this allows you to capture fast moving objects, but at the expense of having more noise levels and compromising details if lighting isn’t ideal. Depending on your lighting conditions, ISO sensitivity value should always be at a reasonable value to ensure your videos don’t look too grainy or too dark.

Shutter Speed

Note20 UltraThe shutter speed setting complements the ISO sensitivity setting, where it lets you determine how much light you want to let in to the camera sensor, the faster the shutter speed, the darker your image is but with the benefit of capturing smoother frame rates in videography. With a slower shutter speed, you will be able to get brighter images and potentially lower noise levels with a lower ISO value, however making it too slow will result in choppy frames.

White Balance and Color Control

It isn’t every time you like the color tone of your live view when it is affected by lighting, which is why the White Balance and Color Control feature is your best friend here, you can give your video a warmer tone that makes it a lot more comfortable to watch, adjust contrast, saturation and highlights to make your subject colors pop, it is very easy to get the hang of it unlike on some mirrorless cameras where you need to dive deep into their settings to get these image controls.

Microphone Direction

Note20 UltraEver wondered why your voice always gets muffled in videos, that’s because most phones don’t allow you to choose the right microphone to record your voice. The microphone setting in the Pro Video lets you choose three different voice recording modes – Omni-direction, rear and front, so whether you are taking a video of your friend or a selfie video, your voice will never sound muffled again, there’s even a gain control where you can increase the microphone’s volume, you can also set to receive sound from an external USB or Bluetooth microphone.

Note20 UltraThere’s no other flagship smartphone that comes with such complete pro video controls without downloading a separate app, go check out the Galaxy Note20 Series here! The Galaxy Note20 Series is priced as below:

  • Galaxy Note20 – RM3,899
  • Galaxy Note20 5G – RM4,299
  • Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G – RM5,199

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