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Shazam joins the Apple family

by Warren

A few years back, Apple acquired audio company Beats and started its Apple Music streaming service after a while, and the company is now making a big move to its music service by acquiring Shazam, a renowned music recognition app that probably you and I have been using to discover songs that we want to have it on our devices.

Despite this, the Shazam app will continue to be available on Android and iOS. Apple mentions that the app will also go ad-free for all users, which we should probably assume that it applies to Android users as well. Acquiring Shazam would be beneficial to Apple Music as it could incorporate the feature directly into its Apple Music service in the near future, a feature that isn’t available on other popular streaming services.

Apple also recently introduced a feature to search a song by the lyrics on Apple Music, and acquiring Shazam might just be the perfect moment to add even more value to this feature.

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