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Samsung’s innovative smartwatch: Rollable display & camera

by Valerie Quek

Samsung has always been committed to providing innovative tech to its consumers and you can say that it has already mastered its Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold series but the company will not stop there as it is working on bringing rollable displays to its smartwatches as well.

According to reports, Samsung has filed not one, but two patents to the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) back in June for smartwatches that make use of flexible displays.

Rollable display with camera

As shown in the image below, this smartwatch can extend in two directions with its final form being a 40% bigger oval-shaped display. There are two ways to expand or retract the smartwatch’s display and you can do so by pressing the crown or utilizing a ‘pinch-and-zoom’ action.

Image Credit: LetsGoDigital

Once extended, it will reveal the camera (or cameras, depending on how Samsung decides to develop this) that’s being held by the middle frame of the watch. You’ll be able to take both photos and video with this camera and it is even equipped with a flash.

If you’re interested, you can check out the 96-page Korean patent document here.

Rollable AND rotatable smartwatch display

Instead of the usual circle display seen on the Galaxy Watches, this one will sport a square display instead that can fit up to 12 icons when ‘unrolled’. To extend the display, you’ll have to make use of the touch-sensitive display whereas the crown on the side can be pulled for the watch to rotate clockwise.

Image Credit: LetsGoDigital

When fully-extended, the screen will be twice the size and you can choose to rotate it to a more comfortable position for yourself. The watch will also come with a camera, more specifically — an under-display camera that can capture both photos and videos as well.

Image Credit: LetsGoDigital

The 113-page documentation also mentions the watch being compatible with a stylus pen. With a smartwatch display this big, it’s no surprise that Samsung will try to make it usable with a stylus for convenience. 

So far, a previous leak of Samsung’s 2022 product lineup indicates that the Galaxy Watch5 will be produced during Q3-Q4 next year so we’ll just have to wait till then to see if it will make use of this technology.

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