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Samsung Wallet to be available in Malaysia in coming weeks

by Warren

Looks like Samsung is starting to ramp up its efforts in the digital wallet space, as the Korean smartphone maker is set to introduce Samsung Wallet in Malaysia by the end of January, which Malaysia is one of the eight new countries to have support the feature.

Much like Apple’s Wallet app, Samsung Wallet not only integrates the existing Samsung Pay feature that enables digital credit and debit card payments, but also supports storing other credentials securely such as digitalised personal IDs, student IDs, boarding passes, supported cryptocurrencies, digital keys, movie tickets and more.

Samsung Wallet is only supported on Galaxy phones, which isn’t surprising as it is built on an operating system level with the company’s Knox security in place, compatible devices include most recent phones that come with Samsung Pay already preinstalled, which you can perform either a software upgrade or download the Samsung Wallet app from the Galaxy Store when it becomes available.

Samsung has worked with automotive companies such as BMW, Porsche, Hyundai on enabling digital car keys using Samsugn Wallet in other markets, we should also expect some partnership announcements when it launches here, and Samsung definitely needs to keep this momentum high as Apple Pay and Google Pay are already available to Malaysians.

Source: Samsung Newsroom

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