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Samsung Galaxy S21+ hands-on leaked

by Victor Ng
samsung galaxy s21+

This is the Samsung Galaxy S21 in the flesh according to Twitter user @MauriQHD – the Argentina-based leakster shared a few photos of supposedly actual hands-on shots of the upcoming flagship, and it looks majestic. 

The leak confirms a lot of what we’ve seen on the internet already – a flat display and a unique camera bump that’s flush with the back panel. The housing probably also comes in contrasting colours to the phone’s finish and covers the top left corner of the smartphone. 

The tweet has garnered some traction and has gotten the ol’ thumbs-up from Ice Universe, who himself is a well-regarded Samsung leakster as well. 

The device in question here is supposedly the Galaxy S21+ and it looks to be quite a tall smartphone – perhaps around over 6.5-inches in size. The phone gets three lenses at the back, and a punch hole selfie lens at the front. 

There’s not much else that we know about the phone yet, but it should be launched early next year, so we won’t have to wait long to see the real thing. 

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