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Razer Zephyr: Razer’s wearable air purifier is now open for beta testing

by Yvonne Ng
Razer Zephyr, Project Hazel, N95 mask, Razer

Earlier this year, Razer announced an experimental project known as Project Hazel. Now, the company confirms it as a wearable air purifier and calls it the Razer Zephyr.

Is this an innovation caused by the pandemic? We think so.

With the pandemic causing a huge increase in medical mask demand, Razer has decided to introduce its own smart mask that falls under the same category as the surgical N95 mask. When it was first introduced, Razer called it Project Hazel; now that it’s ready to be tested by the public, the mask is officially named the Razer Zephyr. 

The Razer Zephyr has high fluid resistance, is waterproof and splash resistant. It also comes with a ventilation system that brings in cold air and releases heat, so if you’ve been experiencing acne caused by your mask, or what people call maskne, this mask may be a solution.

It’s not just maskne, the Razer Zephyr also targets speech issues

Razer also took into account issues like communication difficulty due to muffled speech. To counter that, the Zephyr has a transparent design so others can read your lips and see your facial cues. There’s also a built-in mic and amplifier so it’s easier for others to hear you.

Razer Zephyr is confirmed to have 99% bacterial filtration efficiency and an anti-fog coating on top of its silicon face seal. Those who are interested can sign up for its beta test here.

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