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You can now pre-register Dr. Mario World for free on Play Store and App Store

by Yvonne Ng

Dr. Mario World is about to make its debut on both iOS and Android platforms, according to an announcement made by Nintendo.

Set to launch July 10 2019, Dr. Mario World has already released its pre-registration link for Google Play Store and Apple App Store. There’s no doubt that you’ll see the characters you’re all too familiar with — Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser and more.

Nintendo also released a gameplay video for Dr. Mario World, giving a rough idea on the game will be on smartphones. There will be two modes — Stage Mode and Versus Mode, meaning you can probably play online with other players. Each character will also be paired with different power that will be useful during the game.

Basically the game is like Candy Crush — just match three objects and it’ll be cleared off. It’ll also require “stamina-giving hearts”, meaning you’ll use one heart each round. Once the hearts are depleted, you’ll probably have to wait for a certain amount of time or ask your friends to send you some hearts.

However, this only applies to the Stage Mode. The Versus Mode will let you challenge others in a one-on-one showdown without using any of your hearts, so you can keep challenging opponents until your battery drains.

Oh right, before we forget; Dr. Mario World can be downloaded for free, though Nintendo did mention that it will come with in-app purchases. Unfortunately, it’s not available to all countries, including Malaysia.

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