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Perodua introduces GearUp Smart Bluetooth to monitor your tyre pressure

by Tarvin Gill

Perodua is introducing a new technology that will allow users to keep track of their vehicle’s tyre pressure in real time with the GearUp Smart Bluetooth TPMS.

The product comes with four individual tyre sensors and an in-car smart device. The sensors, which are screwed to the tyre valves, will transmit information via Bluetooth to the in-car smart device. When any of the tyre pressure drops below 8% of the recommended values, the in-car smart device will start beeping and a corresponding light will light up based on the tyre that is underinflated.

If you prefer to get the information to your phone, you can download the FOBO tire mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android, and get real-time information to your phone via Bluetooth. The information is also stored on the cloud, making it easier for you to monitor the pressure for a vehicle that your family member is driving. The sensors also have a theft prevention mechanism by locking it to the tyre using a lock nut spanner.

The Produa GearUp Smart Bluetooth TPMS is currently being offered at a promotional price of RM385 until June 30. After that, it will be priced at RM430 and it comes with a 6-month warranty.

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