Home News The new Apple TV might support HDR and Dolby Audio

The new Apple TV might support HDR and Dolby Audio

by Tarvin Gill

Previously, there have been reports that Apple is going to be releasing a 4K Apple TV and hints at 4K content on iTunes, recently there has been a leak on a snippet of codes from the new Apple TV and it looks like it will support Dolby audio and HDR10 or either one of them.

Although Apple is not the first company to produce an HDR supported media box, you will be glad to know that the new media box will be able to support HDR regardless of the TV or media services that you use. Other than that, there have been references to the codename “Gizmo” which is the codename of the new Apple Watch which is rumoured to support a SIM card to enable connectivity without a wireless connection.

Let’s hope that all these rumours will be put to rest during the reveal of the new iPhone, as that would be the best time for Apple to show off their new devices and the new smartwatch that would be directly linked to the new iPhone

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