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Netflix enables HDR support on Windows 10

by Tarvin Gill

For those of you that love watching Netflix on your computer and have an HDR screen will be happy to know that the video streaming provider is bringing HDR support to the Windows 10 platform which will be available on both the Windows app and on Microsoft Edge browser.

Not all the shows support HDR but a majority of them do and more will come immediately supporting HDR as the technology is now becoming more common on a lot of monitors. However, HDR support is only available on its premium plan which in Malaysia will cost you RM51. Users will have to meet a minimum requirement of 7th Gen Intel Core processor or higher, Intel HD graphics with up-to-date drivers or Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 and higher, and Windows must be updated with the Fall Creators update. It is odd that they did not mention if AMD and Radeon would support HDR as they are more than capable to support it.

Netflix enables HDR support on Windows 10 38It is still unsure if AMD processors and graphics cards will support this feature when it comes here but they are able to support 10 bits-per-channel which in theory, able to support HDR content.

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