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Microsoft’s unveils Surface Pro 6, which now comes in matte black

by Yvonne Ng

When Microsoft started their PCs production, they’ve managed to capture the attention of global consumers. Now, Microsoft is finally launching their 4 new Surface gadgets, and one of them is the Surface 6 Pro, the latest laptop/tablet hybrid. The Surface 6 Pro will be launching in US stores on October 16th, and can already be preordered in US today.Unfortunately, the Surface Pro 6 did not change much compared to last year’s Surface Pro. It still has a 12.3 inch display, and the battery life lasts up to 13.5 hours. However, the Microsoft finally release the Surface Pro 6 in matte black finish, which is one of its highlights. The previous platinum silver finish is also available for those who aren’t into matte black. The matte black’s availability also depends of the specs of the Surface Pro. For example, if you picked a Surface Pro 6 with 16GB RAM with i7 Intel Processor, the color Matte Black is available for 512GB only, whereas the Platinum Silver is available for 512GB and 1TB internal storage.

In terms of storage, the Surface Pro 6 comes with either 8GB or 16GB RAM, and range from 128GB internal storage to 1TB internal storage. Microsoft says that it can perform 1.5x faster than the previous model with it quad-core Intel 8th Generation processor. It is also note-worthy that the thermal management system for the Surface Pro 6 was restructured, making it less noisy due to the increase in passive cooling.The Surface Pro 6 will also support the optional Surface Pen, which will not be provided, just like the Type Cover keyboard. Microsoft set its starting price at $899, and this excludes the Surface Pen and the keyboard. Therefore, if consumers decide to buy the Surface Pen and/or the Type Cover keyboard for their Surface Pro 6, it will definitely cost more than just $899.


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