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Mercedes-Benz has reworked their customer service to better serve its users and fans

by Tarvin Gill

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has renewed their focus on customer journey by delivering the best in customer care by placing the customers at the center of all activities. They are starting off with their customer service, where they will be committed to the market with the necessary presence, coverage and capacity to give the best care to Mercedes-Benz customers and fans.

To start off, Customer Service maintenance package will be changed by offering Compact Maintenance and Agility Compact packages for the first four years of ownership, and the StarCare Maintenance Package will take over for the fifth, sixth and seventh year of ownership. These packages can be customed tailored for a set list of wear and tear parts for customers with vehicles that are outside the warranty period.

In addition to that, the company is proud to announce that the Mechatronic 13 class of 2018 has graduated, with a total of 827 trainees heading over to service centres soon after. Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has also launched the new and upgraded NZ Wheels Klang Autohaus, Auto Commerz Service Centre and Hap Seng Start Puchong South Autohaus. By adding Seng Star Puchong South Autohaus under their belt, the total network coverage of Mercedes-Benz starts at 34 Autohouses, the largest premium network coverage in Malaysia.


They also added that they will be enhancing the service standard of finance and insurance products, for example, car loan decisions as MBSM will now be undertaken in seconds thanks to their newly automated underwriting processor for load applications. MBSM has received a credit rating for AAA by the independent credit rating agency RAM and its first issue of RM250 million of the bond program by local investors.

The company will be hard at work to further improve all their services with the target to be the best premium automotive manufacturer in Malaysia. Expect more exciting things in the coming future.

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