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Maybank2u online banking gets upgraded with a new user experience

by Warren

Having launched the new Maybank2u app last year, Maybank is back again to revamp the country’s most used online banking platform with a whole new look, the new website aims to ease the flow of performing transactions and offer users a better way to keep track of their finances. Last year, the total number of online banking monetary transactions via Maybank2u totaled around 360 million at its peak, the bank expects online banking transactions to increase to 6.4 billion in 2018.

Apart from getting a refreshed user interface that’s similar to the mobile app, the online banking site is now also optimized for mobile displays. The site has went through several weeks of pilot and it is built based on the feedback of customers, things such as making an overseas transaction has now been simplified, customers will be able to view the transaction fees and rates from various foreign exchange remittance and choose the one they prefer in one screen. A 360° dashboard is also available at the new platform to keep track of your spendings and savings, which users will be able to configure sub accounts to manage their savings to achieve their spending goal, customers can also set limit reminders on their credit and debit cards to prevent overspending.

The newly designed Maybank2u online banking service will go live officially on 19 April, it will also be rolled out to Maybank’s key markets overseas such as Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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