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Linkedin introduces “Student Voices”, similar to Facebook and Instagram stories”

by Yvonne Ng

Linkedin is joining in the Stories feature by coming up with their own Stories called “Student Voices”.

The feature is currently being tested in United States just for the university students there. Unlike the other social media, students can’t post photos and can only post videos to their Campus Playlist. Each university will have their own Campus Playlist, and videos posted to the playlist will last a week before disappearing. Despite that, the videos can still be seen on the Recent Activity in students’ profiles. Besides that, the students can also view other universities’ Campus Playlist provided that the universities are nearby. 

Linkedin aims to use the feature as a platform for students to share their experiences to others, including recruiters as a way of expressing who they really are. Besides that, Linkedin hopes that the videos posted will help students expand their connections by sharing the different cultures and lifestyles they experience in different universities.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-mxUykU0Rk]

This may not work as well as Linkedin expects though, as students might be more appalled to post videos of them being themselves because they might not want to feel like their lives have been exposed to their future employers. Besides that, because the videos are permanently visible on their profiles, it’s more likely that they won’t post videos that could affect their reputations, which leads to students pretending to be someone they’re not to impress future employers.

That being said, if student are seriously trying to create a foundation to show recruiters what they are capable of, the “Student Voices” might be useful. This would mean that students need to be confident enough to show the viewers what they have achieved, and if many in the end are using the feature right, Linkedin might get more recruiters to use their app to scout for potential employees.

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