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LG teams up with China manufacturers for its foldable smartphone

by Yvonne Ng

It was reported that LG has started working together with Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo to deliver its foldable smartphone which will be produced next year onwards.

What’s different about LG’s foldable smartphone is that it opens outwards instead of inwards. Current foldable smartphones are folded inwards like a book but LG’s plans to have an outward folding display whereby both halves will still be exposed to users even when it’s folded. Now if LG plans on placing a rear camera at the back of the smartphone when it’s fully opened, it will be hidden when it’s folded. LG will probably come out with something to allow users to take pictures even when the smartphone is folded, or else there will only be a front camera used for selfie when it’s folded.

Though there are no information on the partnership between LG and Xiaomi, it was suggested that Huawei is developing a 6-inch panel with LG and Lenovo is creating a 13.6-inch panel with LG, the smaller panel having the outward display whereas the bigger panel takes on the inward display. It was also rumoured that Lenovo plans to skip on the external display, but not entirely as they want to create a smaller display that will show basic information such as date and time.

LG is reported to reveal its foldable smartphone during CES 2019 which will be in January.

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