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Lenovo unveils six new gaming PCs during E3 2018

by Tarvin Gill

E3 2018 is not only filled with new games and major announcements as Lenovo has shown up to release not one, but six gaming computers under the Legion branding. These come in the form of two laptops, two towers and two cubes.

Lenovo Legion Y730 and Y530 Laptops

15-in Lenovo Legion Y730

Both the Legion Y730 and Y530 was built for work and play in mind, it comes with a sophisticated design which allows it to be a powerful gaming machine and it will not stick out like a sore thumb when you bring it into a meeting room. These laptops are not just pretty things, as it comes with up to a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card, up to an 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor and Windows 10. The keyboards offer a 1ms response time and has a 144hz FHD IPS display which gives out 300 nits of brightness. The audio experience is not forgotten, as the Y730 comes with Dolby Atmos Speaker System and Dolby Sound Radar and the Y530 supports Dolby Audio.

Lenovo Legion Y530

The Y530 is the mainstream option, while the Y730 comes with a 17-inch or 15-inch display, optional 16GB CORSAIR DDR4 memory and is the world’s first gaming laptop that comes with CORSAIR iCUE EGB backlit keyboard and system lighting.

Lenovo Legion C730 and C530 Cubes

Lenovo Legion C730

The C730 and C530 are cube PCs that is catered to gamers that want desktop grade performance but the freedom of portability. Designed as a portable 19L Iron Gray chassis, the cubes are lighter and more compact than before. The Chassis has a fully transparent top panel that offers a view into the internal workings of the setup. It also has optional RGB system lighting for a range of colours on the C730 and red LED lighting on the C530, lighting can be customized using Lenovo Vantage.

Lenovo Legion C530

It might look small, but it is packing some heat like, up to a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card, up to the latest 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor and an optional overclocked 32GB CORSAIR DDR4 RAM on the C730. All this power allows it to become a VR ready computer and with the combination of Dolby Atmos audio, both the C730 and C530 is able to immerse gamers into any game they run on these systems.

Lenovo Legion T730 and T530 Towers

Lenovo Legion T730

Finally, we have the most powerful computers, that comes with red lighting at the back of the thermal venting on the T530, while the T730 has a dull internal and external RGB lighting system behind the clear window on the side which also displays the internal workings of the computer.

Lenovo Legion T530

Made for the most demanding games, both the towers come with up to a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card, up to an 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, and optional 32GB DDR4 overclocked CORSAIR Vengence RAM alongside two 512GB PCIe RAID 0 SSD or 2TB SATA HDD storage. Dolby Atmos which both the towers support, will give you a great audio experience and the optional Asetek Liquid Cooling on the T730 will keep the system cool and reduce noise even when it is running on max load. Both the chassis is made to be future-proof with a tool-free upgradability so you can swap out parts without any hassle.

These products have not made their way to Malaysia just yet, but they have announced the prices in USD:

  • Lenovo Legion Y730 17-inch – $1249.99
  • Lenovo Legion Y730 15-inch – $1179.99
  • Lenovo Legion Y530 – $929.99
  • Lenovo Legion T730 – $829.99
  • Lenovo Legion C730 – $929.99
  • Lenovo Legion C530 – $829.99

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