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New iPad mini’s “jelly scroll” is not a problem, says Apple

by Yvonne Ng
jelly scroll, iPad mini

Apple recently told ArsTechnica that the “jelly scroll” issue that iPad mini users have been experiencing isn’t a problem and will not be fixed.

“Jelly scroll” issue only obvious on the iPad mini

This is apparently an issue that occurs for LCD screens, but it wasn’t noticeable on other iPads except for the new iPad mini. 

The Verge’s executive editor Dieter Bohn recently tweeted about the “jelly scroll” issue, demonstrating how the right side of the screen moves up faster than the left.

However, this issue doesn’t show up when users are using the iPad mini in landscape orientation.

Image credit: SlashGear

According to ArsTechnica, Apple doesn’t think that there’s anything to fix since the screen is supposed to be the way it is. 

However, Apple is not entirely wrong because “jelly scroll” happens to many LCD displays — this can be tested out if you visit websites that specifically offers such tests.

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