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iOS 14 public beta released: How to download it

by Yvonne Ng

The public beta for iOS 14 is finally out, giving Apple users the chance to try out the new software update for free.

iOS 14 features

Apple, WWDC, iOS 14, iPhoneOne of the biggest updates in iOS 14 is the Home Screen that now has App Library and widget support. Supported apps now have widgets in various sizes which can be placed anywhere on your Home Screen. On the other hand, App Library is located at the last page of your Home Screen and all apps are categorised accordingly.

Another thing you’ll notice is the new Translate app which provides text and voice translations for 11 languages. By turning on the automatic detection feature, this app can detect which of the two languages you’ve set and translate it to the other language immediately. There are more new features — read all about them here.


Apple, WWDC, iOS 14, iPhone, public betaThose who’d like to update their iPhones with the public beta can do so by enrolling their devices in the beta program, but it’s best to perform a backup before you install the beta profile. Be warned that there might be bugs and app crashes since it’s a software update.

Once you’ve backed up your data, just launch this link from your iPhone and download the configuration. After that, go to your General menu in Settings, click on the Profile tab and install the downloaded beta profile.

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