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iOS 12.1 will fix the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max charging problems

by Yvonne Ng

The most recent issue faced by iPhone XS and XS Max users is that their phones will not charge. This happens when the phones are plugged into the lightning cables with the screens turned off. Many can only charge their phones when their screens are awake, whereas some had to unlock their phones for it to start charging. Others stated that only in its awake state will the iPhones charge and when the display switches off, the charging stops. Majority believes that it is caused by the Apple’s software iOS 12.0 as there were also complaints from users with older iPhone models. 

Apple, however has the solution to the problem, which is the iOS 12.1. The second beta was just released and has proven to be able to fix the issue. Those who are anxious for the fix could download the beta version. Although, it is advisable to wait for the stabilized version if you are not in a rush. However, it is likely that the stabilized version of iOS 12.1 will release earliest by the end of October.

Putting the charging issues aside, there were also complains on iPhone XS and XS Max’s poor cellular and WiFi reception. In regards of that, Apple has yet to address this issue.

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