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Instagram testing Clubhouse-like audio chat room feature

by Victor Ng
instagram clubhouse

So you know how Clubhouse is currently only on iOS devices? Well, if you’re in need of an Android version, Instagram looks to be one of the first proponents of the audio chat room for Android devices as its developers are testing out the new feature on the Instagram app. 

This lets users create chat rooms and make it available to the public to join and listen in – and since there’s no word of an invite-only mechanism, Instagram’s chat room feature won’t feel as pretentiously exclusive as Clubhouse. 

This discovery was made by Twitter user @alex193a who showed screenshots of the feature already in what looks to be its final form.  

Audio chat rooms have seen a sudden surge in popularity – thanks in no small part to Elon Musk’s advocation of Clubhouse – and it’s easy to see why; it’s like a love child between Reddit and Spotify podcasts. There are rooms for people to talk about anything and everything – and we’re all for new, more accessible versions of it to take precedence.  

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