Home News Huawei will be introducing phones with 5G chips in 2019

Huawei will be introducing phones with 5G chips in 2019

by Tarvin Gill

In a recent mobile conference that happened in Shanghai, manufacturers were there sharing their technology announcements. One of the companies there was Huawei and they had a very interesting update to give to its users.

Huawei has announced that they plan to equip their phones with 5G chips. They will be introducing these chips in March 2019 and towards the end of that quarter, they will introduce phones that will be equipped with these chips. Eric Xu, CEO of Huawei said that 5G networks will promote video streaming and features like augmented, virtual and mixed reality. The company has said that they will roll out commercial solutions for NSA networks in September 2018 and that will be followed by 5G Kirin chips which will be unveiled March 2019.

5G connectivity will allow for faster upload and download speeds, Qualcomm has predicted that 5G will be able to reach speeds of 1.4Gbps. It also reduces latency which is great for mobile gamers that play multiplayer games.

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