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HTC still believes in the Metaverse and teases a new phone

by Warren

Aside from Meta, HTC is another company that has been deeply invested in the Metaverse all thanks to the involvement with its VIVE VR headset.

With that, the Taiwanese company has teased an upcoming new U series smartphone on its Twitter page, with the hashtag #seeUsoon and a holographic image of a smartphone, could this finally be HTC’s come back to the smartphone market for real?

While HTC’s smartphone business has winded down in several markets, it has continued to produce phones at its homeland, the HTC Desire 22 pro is their most recent device that has been promoted alongside its VIVE Flow headset, which works as a companion device for the latter and gives you access to HTC’s VIVERSE Metaverse to purchase NFT and content.

HTC has typically reserved the U series for its flagship phones, the last major flagship phone launched globally was the HTC U12+ and thereafter, it unveiled the underwhelming U20 for the Taiwanese market, which comes with a mid-range chipset and an unappealing design, and based on the leaks that GSMArena has obtained, this new U series phone could be another phone with dated specs.

Dubbed as the HTC U23 Pro 5G, the phone features an AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chipset, 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage, it comes with a quad camera array with a main 108MP camera with OIS, a 4600mAh battery and ships with Android 13.

While these leaks can be easily taken with a grain of salt, it isn’t surprising if HTC is just making another new companion phone to go along with its VIVE headsets, which doesn’t need to come with the most recent internals to compete with the rest.

However, let’s hope when HTC finalizes this product to be unveiled to the world, it will actually come with more respectable internals and of course, a better design.

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