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HONOR challenges the Galaxy S24 with the HONOR Magic6 series large battery

by Warren

For years, HONOR has targeted at Samsung’s Galaxy S series phones and the iPhone for its flagship Magic series devices, and this time, it has sent a second message to Samsung with the phrase ‘recharge yourself but not too often’, which suggests that the Magic6 series will come with a longer battery life than the outgoing Galaxy S24 series.

In our review, the Galaxy S24 Ultra fared really well in our battery tests albeit with slower 45W charging, the message is referring to the Honor Magic6 Pro’s second-generation silicon carbon 5600mAh battery, which boasts a larger capacity than the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s 5000mAh battery while retaining a slim form factor due to its high-density design, it also charges at a much faster 80W.

Furthermore, the HONOR Magic6 series feature a dedicated Power Enhanced Chip HONOR E1, which optimizes charging efficiency and ensures that it is able to be charged even in freezing temperatures as low as -20°C. To testify that claim even further, the HONOR Magic6 Pro has been sent to space to demonstrate the battery’s ability to withstand different climate conditions, and you can view that video on the brand’s YouTube channel.

The HONOR Magic6 series and Magic V2 RSR will have a global debut at Mobile World Congress 2024, which there will be a keynote happening at 25 February 2024, 9PM Malaysia Time, so make sure you stay tuned to HONOR Malaysia Facebook page for that.

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