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GoPro sets new benchmark on video stabilization with the HERO 7 Black

by Warren

GoPro is still very much the champ when it comes to action cameras, and the HERO 7 Black might just be the best action camera that you will want to invest for your next adventure.

Although the HERO 7 Black looks just the same like its predecessor, it now sports a gimbal-like stabilization feature called ‘HyperSmooth’, which enables the user to capture professional looking videos without the need for a gimbal, GoPro says that it will work underwater, in high shock and wind situations, which most gimbals will not be able to handle. Also, the HERO 7 Black will still be able to go underwater up to 10m.

The sample video above shows just how smooth and shake-free the video is when doing fast action sports such as biking, surfing and running, very impressive indeed.

On top of that, the HERO 7 Black now supports live streaming to Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and other platforms, a new portrait mode now supports vertical-capture for sharing to Instagram Stories and Snapchat, audio is also improved with increased dynamic range and a new microphone membrane that reduces unwanted vibrations during mounted situations.

Furthermore, GoPro has introduced the 4K HERO 7 Silver and 1080p HERO 7 White action cameras with up to 10m waterproof, they also feature improved video stabilization than their predecessors.

The GoPro HERO 7 family will be shipping internationally on 27th September, prices of the cameras remain unchanged from the previous generation’s launch price. The HERO 7 Black retails at $399 (RM1,650), while the Silver and White retails at $299 (RM1,236) and $199 (RM823) respectively.

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