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Google smartwatch revealed: Codenamed ‘Rohan’

by Daniel
Google Smartwatch

In the past, Google has made a lot of gadgets like the Google Home, Pixel 6, and the Pixel Buds, but never their own smartwatch. Now, reports from Business Insider and The Verge showcases Google’s plans to make their own smartwatch that is expected to launch in 2022 that will be a competitor to the Apple Watch.

The Google smartwatch was revealed to be under the codename “Rohan”, however, it is speculated that it will be called the “Pixel Watch”.  The watches are still under development as it was rumored that prototypes of these watches have been tested by Google employees.

Google Smartwatch

Although Google has not made a smartwatch, they did venture into the industry by acquiring Fitbit early this year and partnered with Samsung to create Wear OS 3 that was showcased on the Galaxy Watch 4 series. The Verge reports that Google wanted to display what Wear OS was capable of with the proper hardware; because of this, it’s expected to cost a lot more than a Fitbit and would rival the Apple Watch in terms of price.

Google SmartwatchNo specifications of the Google Smartwatch were revealed but we can expect a heart rate monitor, step counter, and basic fitness tracking; so stay tuned for more updates and information about this device.

Source – Busines Insider | Via – The Verge

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