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Google Phone app to record calls from unknown numbers

by Victor Ng
Google phone app call record

The Google Phone app is apparently being updated to feature automatic call recording when the user is engaged with an unknown number. 

This is a feature that will require the user to enable manually, so it’s not active at default – although reports didn’t suggest the main reasons for Google to introduce this feature, but a logical deduction would be to prevent call scams. 

Google Phone recording

Image credit: Beebom

When the feature is active, both parties on the call will be notified of the recording and will require consent to proceed – should any one party decline, they may just end the call. The recorded calls will be saved only in the receiving phone. The idea behind this is, of course, provide a crucial piece of evidence, should a scam occur, for the victim to protect themselves. 

I can at least attest to receiving robo-calls regarding my supposed tax fraud – you know the kind. Therefore, a feature like this would be a godsend in Malaysia too, especially for those unlucky enough to fall for scams like these. 

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