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Google has confirmed that Android P will be called Android Pie

by Tarvin Gill

After many weeks of speculations on which dessert will Google call their new mobile operating system, they have finally settled on Pie. Othe than that, they also provided a summary of features and changes that will come to Android Pie (9.0) when it releases.

Google has mentioned that they have included many AI functions that will learn based on your phone usages and the actions that you will take throughout the day on your phone. Some of the features highlighted is Adaptive Battery which learns the apps you use the most and prioritise battery life for those apps and Adaptive Brightness which learns your brightness settings depending on the situation and automatically does it for you.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating functions is App Actions which will predict what you will do next based on the context and displays it on your phone. Examples that were shared were, in the morning, your phone will suggest the best way to commute to work or resume an audiobook. After work, it might give home a call or start your favourite Spotify playlist.

From today onwards, the Android Pie update will be rolling out to Pixel phones as well as phones that were part of the Beta program and Android One devices will receive the update by the end of fall.

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