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Google Discover is coming to its homepage on mobile web

by Yvonne Ng

The Discover feature is now available on Android and iOS devices that has the Google app or uses the mobile site. This is already available for Android users on their devices, but it is a first for the feature to appear on Google.com’s mobile web and Google app. 

The feature basically shows users relevant informations that are tied to what they’ve searched before or what might be of their interests. It is somewhat similar to having a news feed, which will make the homepage less neat and simple-looking.

Of course, users can customise their Discover tab by following topics such as sports, entertainments, hobbies and so on, and they can also remove topics that they find irrelevant by clicking on the “Not interested in…” option. Furthermore, the Discover feature can also display the weather updates and commute information that are based on users’ information. 

Google will definitely have to be more responsible when it comes to the algorithm of the news feed and how it curates contents to be displayed in the Discover tab. It is definitely a resourceful feature, though some might dislike how it changes the way the homepage looked.

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