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Google to launch a version of Chrome just for M1-powered Macs

by Yvonne Ng
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Google began rolling out a new version of its Chrome browser for the new Macs that are powered by the M1 chip, but it has been paused.

The new version of Chrome is made to fit the new ARM-based Macs that were released just last week. According to Mark Chang, the Product Manager of Google Chrome, the native version of Chrome should be out today after it’s fixed. 

Workaround for Chrome with crash issues

Those who experienced the crash can also uninstall and reinstall Chrome — just select “Mac with Intel chip” when re-downloading Chrome. Despite using the Intel-optimised version of Chrome, The Verge reported that it “already runs well on Apple’s new Macs”. This means that you don’t necessarily need to use the native version of Chrome when it comes to your new Macs.

Chrome is faster and more power efficient

On a side note, Google also announced the several new updates for its web browser. Chrome is supposedly much faster than before — it knows to prioritise user’s active tabs, is able to start up faster and also load pages almost instantaneously. In addition to that, Google also improved Chrome tabs by introducing tab search to the toolbox. This means users will be able to type to search for their pinned tabs instead of scrolling and searching endlessly.

Perform actions directly from address bar

You can also take action from Google’s address bar; if you type actions like “edit passwords” or “delete history”, you can perform that action from the bar instead of going through settings. Google is also adding cards to your new tab page which will show you your recently-visited pages and content that are related. These features will be rolling out in the coming weeks.

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