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Google Assistant arrives at Galaxy Watch4 for certain markets

by Warren
Galaxy Watch 4

Despite having the privilege to run a unified version of Google’s Wear OS, the Galaxy Watch4 still uses Bixby as its voice assistant and doesn’t come with Google Assistant, which is a weird decision that we have questioned ourselves in the beginning and one that Samsung didn’t have a direct answer for, but today, Google Assistant will be available as a download through the Google Play Store on the watch.

Don’t be disappointed yet if you don’t see it on your Galaxy Watch4, as Google Assistant is only available for download in 10 countries – Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, The UK and USA. Meanwhile, the only supported voices are Danish, English (American, Canadian, United Kingdom, Australian, Irish), Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French (Canadian, France), and Taiwanese.

Google Assistant will live alongside Bixby on the Galaxy Watch4 which you can select either one of them to be your preferred voice assistant. For Malaysian users, hang in there, Google Assistant will most certainly arrive at your wrists soon, and we won’t be surprise if there is a way to sideload on to your watch if you can’t wait.

Source: Samsung

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