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Google announces partnership with Visa and Mastercard

by Sia

Google’s own digital wallet platform, Android Pay, has just received a big boost today as Google announces that it has entered a strategic partnership with both Visa and Mastercard.

This partnership between two of the world’s biggest credit card providers means that Android Pay users will soon be able to use the system on websites that currently support either Visa Checkout or Masterpass. In short, Android Pay will soon be supported across hundres of thousands of online websites.

For those who have yet to utilise Android Pay, all you need to do is to link your Visa Checkout or Masterpass accounts to your Android Pay account. Once completed, you can then shop online using the system, allowing you to authorize transactions via a fingerprint scan or any other authentication method that you’ve selected.

Unfortunately, the system won’t be available until “the early part of 2017,” so you’re still going to have to rely on other payment methods to do your Black Friday shopping this year.

Source: Google

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